What information we may collect and store

Any information that we collect from you may be stored on our secure databases and in hard copy files, throughout and after the time in which you are our client, provided you do not withdraw consent. The information we collect from you is subject to what type of product you are accessing through our services, however please find below a list of information that we may obtain from you, which includes but is not limited to the following:

  • General information

E.g: Name, address, contact details, date of birth, gender, smoker status, marital status, previous addresses, Landlord details.

  • Sensitive information

E.g: health and medical details, genetic data, bank statements, criminal convictions, if you are a member of a trade union.

  • Identification information

E.g: Passport, driving licence, national identity card, ID verification documentation.

  • Employment information

E.g: Job title, employment history, professional accreditations, payslips, pension documentation.

  • Financial information

E.g: Bank details, financial reviews, personal finance details.

  • Existing Products information

E.g: Previous and current policies you have in place investments, mortgages, pension plans, trust detail and copies of your will.

  • Lifestyle information

E.g: Dependants details, your objectives, attitude to risk.


How information about you will be used

We may share factual information provided to us directly from you in any form (this does not include contact information) with comparison websites if it is in relation to a direct request that you have made or is relevant to a current application you are in the process of.  This will allow us to retrieve quotations for you using information we have collected from you, which may have been collected for a different purpose.

For example If we have taken information from you in order to process a mortgage application we may use this information to produce quotations for life insurance, income protection or general insurance although this is not an exhaustive list. Equally if you contacted us at a later date and directly requested a quotation, it would allow us to use information we collected previously.

Once a product has been chosen, we may share your factual information with a number of providers in order to provide you with the best advice or recommendation available.  This can include but is not limited to sensitive information regarding the following:

  • Health and medical details
  • Genetic data
  • Items on your bank statement
  • Criminal convictions
  • Membership to a trade union

Information is only passed on if it is absolutely necessary.  We do not pass on your contact or bank details until you are ready to proceed with an application and we have gained your consent, at which point it would only be your direct provider who receives this information.


When you will be contacted

You may receive correspondence from us via e-mail, telephone or post for many different reasons, this can include:

  • If a product you have with us requires regular monitoring or renewal.

E.g: If it is advisable that you attend an update on your investments or when an insurance policy reached it’s annual renewal.

  • If a product you have with us is coming to an end.

E.g: If your mortgage tie in period or life insurance term is coming to an end we may contact you to let you know so that you are aware you may not be getting the best deal or so that you are not left without protection.

  •  If you have failed to make a required payment.

E.g: This could be our broker fees or if you have missed payments on a current policy such as life or buildings insurance which will lapse if you do not make payment.

  •  If we need to follow up with you about a product

E.g: If we have provided you with a quotation we may contact you to see if you wish to proceed with the quotation.

Withdrawing consent

You may withdraw consent at any time and we will delete all of your personal information that is not absolutely necessary for us to keep.  In this instance we would provide you with an outlined account of what details cannot be erased and the reasons why.

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